Enough, GOP, e-f*cking-nough!

Multiple times daily, now, I get text messages from campaigns to whom I’ve never contributed, to whose websites I’ve never been… I get over 100 emails in my spam folder for candidates I’ve never heard of, pleas for contributions to this, that, or the other campaigns, multiple emails from the same candidate every day, entreaties from conservative organization after conservative organization.  Just in the past two days I’ve gotten at least ten emails from Senator Scott entitled “token”… bewailing the Democrats and their dismissal of his police reform bill.

Understand, please, that I have given to President Trump’s election campaign and a few other strategically-chosen campaigns.  Just because I’ve given $10 here, or $20 there, does not give you license to bombard me with emails and now text messages.  You’re turning me off from giving even the little I can afford to give.

I get emails saying “Newt Gingrich emailed you… Steve Scalise emailed you… etc…. but you haven’t given”.  SO?  Listen now, loud and clear:


My income’s been cut by 1/3.  My wife lost her job.  Admittedly it’s because of the virus and the panic porn that’s pushed by the enemedia every second, but still…

Have my property taxes gone down?  Nope.

Has my electric bill gone down?  Nope.  Nor my propane bill, nor my phone bill, nor any other bill.  And if anything my food bill’s gone up, not down.

YES, I understand it’s critical for Trump to win.  YES, I understand that we need to retake the House and keep the Senate.  And I’m trying, and I want to give.  And as candidates get selected for the actual races I plan to volunteer.

But you’re PISSING ME OFF with this relentless hammering.  Maybe you, the big wigs in the state and federal organizations, with six figure or higher salaries, have forgotten what it’s like to actually have to look at the budget every month.  We little people have not.

Let me repeat this for clarity:

You’re pissing off the very people whose help and funds you need.


  1. I keep getting robocalls, supposedly for Trumps campaign. However, the caller ID keeps changing. I doubt they are actually for Trump's campaign.


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