Quick question: Pocket knives with custom handle engraving?

A good friend of mine in Israel is having his son's Bar Mitzvah soon.  I wanted to go for the celebration but... China Virus.

Anyway, I'd like to get him a GOOD pocket knife with custom engraving - his name in Hebrew.


1. Get the whole schmeer done in one place?

2. Get a good knife and then get it engraved separately?

Bueller?  Bueller?


And this is a must-read piece by Peter Grant.

These people are missionaries.  They've been working their plan for over 100 years.  And they know they're close if they can drag Creepy Joe over the line first.

Wednesday Whittle coming later today.


  1. I don't know any engravers; but if you know any knife makers, a good one can probably do the engraving also.

  2. Ask whoever youre gettin the knife from.. If he doesnt do it, maybe he knows someone.. I get more problems solved askin someone who cant, but knows someone who can..

  3. Buck Knives Post Falls Idaho...check their website

  4. I used to collect custom made knives both fixed and folders. Check out https://knifemakersguild.com/. A list of custom knifemakers.

  5. Also, check out W.D. (Bill) Pease custom knives. He makes nice folders from a few hundred to several thousands. http://wdpeaseknives.com/


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