NEED HELP: Gathering "drag queen story hour" pictures that are sexual in nature

I recently saw – for the umpteenth time – this picture of a drag queen story hour perv who, with no underwear, “accidentally” flashed the students.  Take a look at the smile on his face… he clearly knew what he was doing.  And, by knowingly going commando, I think there’s no doubt he planned it.


(Image source: Drag queen flashes young children at ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’)

My guess is that he flogged his bishop for weeks thinking about the thrill of that.

Regardless, to assist Massresistance, I am asking for help to collect pictures of this kind of stuff.  Sexual poses, flashing, kids in contact with the pervs, like these:


(Look at the ecstatic smile on this perv's face.)

I fully believe there are a LOT of such images.  Let’s get them into one place so that we have ammo to fight this.  A lot of parents, even when they hear “drag queen story hour”, don’t fully appreciate the horror of what’s being pushed at our kids.

Please bookmark this post and, as you find articles / posts about this sick sh*t, help me collect an archived, ever-growing post as a reference for parents to educate others.  Please also make sure you send me the URL for where you saw it; something without attribution is not nearly as effective.  And just in case the cancel mob gets the article pulled, PDF it too (I will as well the moment I see it).

They have a great archive of articles on this too: 

MassResistance Reports: Drag Queen Story Hours


Breitbart was right: capture the culture, capture the politics.

Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!

Remember, two famous socialists agree on child indoctrination.


This is a war they’ve been fighting for a century.  Time to fight back.  More, IMHO related, ammo:

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