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The Virus as Simon Phoenix (Part 2 of 2)

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It was the best of times, it was the end of times (Part 2 of 2)

Morning musing: A grim prediction, and a race/culture war observation



Speaking of the past: Volume I and Volume II.  (If I get inspired I may just fold them all into one…)

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Amazon – Everything under the sun

Built Bar – Protein / nutrition bars

Pictures on Gold – Laser-engraved jewelry images

Wicked Temptations – Lingerie and other “unmentionables”

A Foreign Affair – How I met my wife: Women from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America


[International Dating and Singles Tours - Free Membership / 5:02]









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Gratuitous Rule 5 post: Women at the table





NOTE: Simply because I post a video does not necessarily mean I agree with every word spoken.  I post what I think will provoke thought.  To be fair, of course, in general I post stuff I agree with…




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So let’s start off with a bunch of Bill’s latest videos.  Note that don’t embed the videos but rather provide the full post link – because, in reality, they need traffic and, as I stated just above, subscribers.

Take Off: Jetson Law Allows Flying Cars to Use New Hampshire Roads

Savage Inequality: Unhappy with Zoom Public Schooling, Parents Pay for Learning Pods

Put on the Suit: Casual Culture Blamed for Men’s Clothiers Bankruptcy Wave

Resurrecting War Plan Blue: We Need New Pentagon Strategy for Major Conflict…Now!

Helo Bound for Mission to Mars: NASA to Hover, Hunt Water, Pick Up Rocks, Make Oxygen (Find Life?)

How to Be an Internet Pundit: Video Word-Slinger’s 7 Tips to Rocket You to the Top

Least Bad Option: Mentally Faltering Biden Should Beg Off Debating Trump

The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 257

I Carry, So Back Off: Threatening $12/Hour Clerks Who Try to Enforce COVID-19 Mask Laws

Swear You Don’t Have COVID-19: Are Employers Right to Require Daily Affidavit?


And I recommend these two podcast series highly!

The Cold War: What We Saw

Apollo 11: What We Saw




The stark truth is that as long as the welfare state makes it possible for young women - or teenage girls - to have children without a husband and survive without a job, out-of-wedlock births will remain ruinously high, and the inner city will continue to be marked by crime, poverty, and despair.


-- David Boaz

(HT Moonbattery)






[Why Isn't There a Palestinian State? / 5:34]


[Where Are the Moderate Muslims? / 5:48]


[How Dark Were the Dark Ages? / 5:37]


[Why is Modern Art so Bad? / 5:49]





Also, parenthetically, #jexit #theexodusmovement #lexit #blexit

["The more I found out, the more I got pissed" / 17:02]


[#Walkaway 48 Year Old Black Woman Wakes Up! / 11:50]


[I Used to Hate White People | My #WalkAway Story / 8:30]


["Why didn't I hear about this?" / 17:57]


[#WalkAway Why I'm no longer a democrat / 8:02]


["Trump made me OPEN MY EYES!" / 6:38]


["Black Democrat #WalkAway after Discovering Truth Of Democratic Party" / 9:46]


["I have never in my life been talked to like that by another human being" / 6:55]


And one by Candace Owens:

[Candace Owens Calls Out Dems Rigging 2020 Elections & Leftist Culture Wars / 12:25]


In watching these videos over the years one of the very common elements is The Shunning - the ostracism - of anyone who deviates from The Collective.  There's no "Wow, what made you change your mind?" or "Is there something I'm missing, tell me more!" or anything like that.  Just straight-up hatred.

Closing out this section, look at the guy’s face at the end as he sees Trump supporters’ reactions to him, vs. the Left’s reaction.

(HT this tweet)













Wrapping up, a hat trick + 2 of Whittle classics:

[1. MONEY / 3:05]



[2. SOCIALISM / 3:06]



[3. CAPITALISM / 5:28]



[4. CORPORATIONS / 5:19]



[5. GOVERNMENT / 6:40]




Closing on a light note:




I do not compromise with cancer.  I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left-Islam Axis must be fought ruthlessly with no quarter asked or expected – or America, Western Civilization, and Israel… indeed the whole world… will be destroyed.




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