Tonight is the Jewish New Year - Rosh HaShana.  Literally, "Head of the year".

To all my Jewish readers, may Hashem inscribe you in the Book of Life.  May this coming year be sweet with as many successes as pomegranates have seeds.  (And for Patriots, and President Trump, may the New Year see Trump re-elected, the Senate kept, and the House retaken.)

Siri, who is President of the United States?

And since now, as Hashem is writing and the Book is still open, please consider helping Israel by adopting an olive tree through My Tree in Israel (they also have an option to simply purchase olive oil - still pricy but less than a full tree, and again you're supporting Israel).  It's good, good stuff - everyone to whom I've given olive oil bottles from the trees I adopted has raved about how good the oil is.

Full disclosure: I know and am friends with one of the founders, but I receive no compensation for helping to spread "awareness" of their company.

Update: An interesting article on Rosh Hashana practices: What you will need for the Rosh Hashana seder


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