Wednesday Whittle" September 16, 2020

What is WEDNESDAY WHITTLE?  Wednesday Whittle is a post that I put up on Wednesdays (duh, unless I get crunched for time) that focuses on Bill Whittle and his excellent and effective communications advancing conservatism.  However, in the spirit of providing a venue for other conservative / Right-leaning thought, I include other videos as well.  Pretty much every week I include a few videos from Prager University, a few related to #walkaway #blexit #jexit #jexodus #theexodusproject #lexit movement, as well as a smattering of others I think are worthy of being seen.

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Three blast-from-the-past posts – picked at my whim: 

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Speaking of the past: Volume I and Volume II.  (If I get inspired I may just fold them all into one…)

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Amazon – Everything under the sun

Built Bar – Protein / nutrition bars

Pictures on Gold – Laser-engraved jewelry images

Wicked Temptations – Lingerie and other “unmentionables”

A Foreign Affair – How I met my wife: Women from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America


[International Dating and Singles Tours - Free Membership / 5:02]




Help Global Greening - More CO2 Please Coffee Mug




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A very brief observation on Rule Five materials

My last Rule Five post:

Gratuitous Rule Five Friday: Women dressed for date night





NOTE: Simply because I post a video does not necessarily mean I agree with every word spoken.  I post what I think will provoke thought.  To be fair, of course, in general I post stuff I agree with…




Zeroeth: I strongly urge people to subscribe to Bill Whittle and help support him.  He does great work.  We need voices like his.




So let’s start off with a bunch of Bill’s latest videos.  Note that don’t embed the videos but rather provide the full post link – because, in reality, they need traffic and, as I stated just above, subscribers.

Largest Baptist Group Dropping ‘Southern’: Caving to BLM or Building Gospel Bridges?

Progressives Defend Netflix ‘Cuties’, Attack Conservatives Disgusted by Sexualizing Preteen Girls

9th Circuit Court Backs Trump: Temporary Protected Status Immigrants Go Home

Evicted: Most Liberal Neighborhood Gives 300 Homeless COVID-19 Refugees the Bum’s Rush

Chinese Rocket Crashes Near School, Nearly Killing Faceless Replaceable Masses

Why Trump Talked to Bob Woodward and Why Woodward Hid Explosive COVID-19 Story

Mouschwicz and Duckau: Disney’s Mulan Thanks Genocidal Communist Chinese Authorities

Oscar’s New Diversity Rules: Did Academy Just Mandate ‘Best Black Picture’ Award

Four Anonymous vs. 17 Named Sources: Did Trump Really Insult Dead U.S. Veterans?


And I recommend these two podcast series highly! 

The Cold War: What We Saw

Apollo 11: What We Saw






[What's Wrong with Wind and Solar? / 5:36]


[What's the Deal with the Green New Deal? / 5:57]


[Can We Rely on Wind and Solar Energy? / 4:24]


[The Truth about CO2 / 4:24]




Bumper Sticker

(Also available in 5.56 and .223 versions.)




#walkaway, #jexit #theexodusmovement #lexit #blexit


["Black Democrat #WalkAway after Discovering Truth Of Democratic Party" / 9:47]


[#WalkAway Testimonial: "I thought it was just Republican propaganda." / 4:22]


[#WalkAway Testimonial "Our nation is traumatized by media that victimizes us" / 4:33]









Wrapping up, Bill’s “What We Believe” series:

[What We Believe, Part 1: Small Government and Free Enterprise. / 9:57]


[What We Believe, Part 2: The Problem with Elitism / 9:17]


[What We Believe, Part 3: Wealth Creation / 9:57]


[What We Believe, Part 4: Natural Law / 9:50]


[What We Believe, Part 5: Gun Rights / 8:21]


[What We Believe, Part 6: Immigration / 9:50]


[What We Believe, Part 7: American Exceptionalism / 11:50]




Closing on a light note:



(HT Irish)







I do not compromise with cancer.  I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left-Islam Axis must be fought ruthlessly with no quarter asked or expected – or America, Western Civilization, and Israel… indeed the whole world… will be destroyed.





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