Yom Kippur

I will be off – completely – while I ask Hashem for forgiveness for my sins.  I'll resume posting on Tuesday in the afternoon.

This is a beautiful rendition of this traditional song.


[Shulem - Avinu Malkeinu (Lyric Video) / 4:12]

(HT FrumLife)


In the meantime, if you’re in a charitable mood, please consider these two 501c3 charities:

Connections Israel

Israel Trees

And while not, strictly, a charity – the tree you adopt (with the bonus of getting six bottles of oil) helps Israel’s agriculture and economy:

My Tree in Israel

Full disclosure: I know and am friends with one of the founders but I receive no compensation for plugging them.

For those charitably inclined, but not necessarily towards Israeli / Jewish places, please consider these three:

Salvation Army

Shriner's Hospitals for Children

Or any local food bank / soup kitchen in your community


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