CARTOON: Covid and related shots - and blogroll update

First, my new cartoon.

Introduction: I’ve said before that I am not “anti-vaccination” specifically.  A couple of years ago I was going overseas on business and by the time I left I was a pincushion over the months leading up to the trip.  Having read The Body Is the Hero back in high school I believe the understanding of immunology that lead to vaccinations, and in general vaccines themselves, have saved countless lives and stand as one of the greatest advances in medical care in human history.  If things haven’t gone full-level spicy but have gone back to normal after a little “unpleasantness” we’re going to visit my wife’s folks – and since, as I understand it, her home country still does Smallpox vaccinations I’ll get the kids at least one shot (and me a booster).  It’s still out there, I feel it in my bones, and better at least one dose of vaccine for it rather than none.

Having said that, I do not trust this rushed-to-production vaccine, or the machinations of those pushing it like globalist and population-reduction-advocate Bill Gates – who, FYI, funded research into an implantable birth control chip. Bill Gates Backs Birth Control With Wireless On-Off Switch (ok, huffpo, but the MIT Technology Review paper it cites has gone 404):

But the idea for the device apparently came from Bill Gates himself. When Gates visited Langer’s MIT lab, he asked whether it would be possible to develop a birth control method that could be used for many years and turned on and off at will, according to MIT Technology Review. Langer pointed Gates toward MicroCHIPS.


The tiny chip is designed to be implanted under the skin and stores a supply of the pregnancy-preventing hormone levonorgestrel in hermetically sealed reservoirs on a microchip inside the device. An electric current passes through the ultra-thin seal to melt it, releasing 30 micrograms of the hormone per day.

And let’s not forget Gates’ “misadventures” of vaccinations in Africa; “Mass Sterilization”: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine.

Africa.  Remember Gates comes from a eugenicist line.  And don’t forget the Eugenics Movement was born in the 1930’s PROGRESSIVE movement that inspired the Nazis, and from whom the latter borrowed extensively.

The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left

In general, no racist like a progressive racist: 

Progressive Racism

So here, without further delay, is my latest cartoon:


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