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 An essay by Vaughn Cordle, CFA[1] and Professor Dr. Paul Stephen Dempsey[2]


Joe Biden has lurched to the left. He is advocating the most ambitious clean energy and environmental justice plans ever proposed, which call for a $2 trillion investment in clean energy, jobs and infrastructure over the next four years.

If Biden wins, and the Democrats retain the House and take the Senate, they will significantly harm most Americans’ healthcare, wealth, and standard of living. To cement their control of our country, the Democrats may pack the Supreme Court and add DC and Puerto Rico as states, giving the Democrat Party four additional Senators. And they may eliminate the filibuster. They will further enhance their power by giving “free stuff” to their voters, while retirees and working men and women foot the bill. They will pass into law socialist policies that are anti-growth, anti-capital, anti-market, and anti-America.

Part of Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda is the Green New Deal by another name. What does Biden propose to build back better ‒ the cities his supporters have looted and torched?

Biden’s plans broadly align with an approach advocated by the left-wing of the Democrat Party. Like the Green New Deal, his plans reframe climate action as a jobs-infrastructure-and-clean-energy stimulus, which, unpacked, amounts to a grab-bag of social and economic justice policies.

Biden’s plans are based on the Green New Deal recommendations of the joint task force convened by surrogates of the Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders campaigns, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Climate change is a strong mobilization issue for the young voters Biden has struggled to attract. Democrats want to pass a Green New Deal that would sharply increase taxes and depress economic growth. It would also lower living standards for the middle class and retirees.

The New Deal may tally between $51 trillion and $93 trillion over 10 years, concludes American Action Forum, which is run by Douglas Holtz-Eakin, who directed the non-partisan CBO from 2003 to 2005.

That includes between $8.3 trillion and $12.3 trillion to meet the plan’s call to eliminate carbon emissions from the power and transportation sectors and between $42.8 trillion and $80.6 trillion for its economic agenda including providing jobs and health care for all.

The healthcare group has called on Biden to endorse Medicare for All, which dominated debates during the Democrat presidential primary. Support for this sweeping policy may well alienate voters afraid of losing their current, employer-based private health coverage.

Instead, the recommendations list ways to expand health insurance coverage by building on the Obama administration's signature law, the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, which apparently will morph into Bidencare. Obamacare should be called the Unaffordable Care Act. A detailed list of reasons it is an abysmal failure in almost all areas of healthcare can be accessed here.

The Democrats are also promising to guarantee early childhood education, provide tuition-free access to public colleges for families making less than $125,000, cancel up to $10,000 of student debt for families, and limit interest on student loans. Reparations for descendants of slaves cannot be far behind. We can all agree that slaveowners should pay reparations to slaves if any can be found, but the costs and regulatory burdens caused by these environmental, healthcare, and “free stuff” policies will depress the US economy, and likely bankrupt the country.


The Democrat Party: The Party that Promotes Divisiveness and Socialism

The hatred of Trump has been manufactured by the demagoguery and defamation of the Left. Attacking Trump as a racist white supremacist in the pocket of Vladimir Putin is designed not just to defeat him but to delegitimize his Presidency and destroy him as a public figure. By association, Trump's supporters are smeared and devalued by the same outrageous lies.

Trump is an existential threat to their progressive dreams of a socialist utopia. Democrats and a compliant media use character assassination as a desperate means to destroy him. In addition to calling him a racist, they say he is “mentally unstable,” “incompetent,” “morally disreputable,” a “would-be dictator,” and “unfit for the Oval Office.”

Democrats also slander Republicans and conservatives as racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, xenophobes, and “deplorables.” The point is to stigmatize and besmirch anyone who disagrees with them as indecent, practitioners of "hate speech," and unfit to hold office. Not content to condemn only Trump and his supporters, the Left now castigates the United States and its history, as if contemporary standards and values apply to the past without context.


Democrats Have a Scandal to Hide

Stigmatizing their political opponents deflects and protects. The big fear is that Trump and the Republicans will expose the Democrat Party's role in the poverty, corruption, and crime that afflicts African American communities in large inner cities. If exposed, Trump and the Republicans can challenge them in their electoral strongholds and expose the racial oppression for which they have been responsible over decades of one-party rule.

The mainstream media (e.g., NYT, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC) have one political purpose—destroy Trump and his chances of a second term. They have become instruments of bias and propaganda and lost the moral compass of objective, unbiased journalism. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

Our country has never had a core of journalists so partisan as now. Vladimir Putin need not lift a finger to divide the US; the bias of the US media does a fabulous job of that by itself. Closing in on an election, the mainstream press and the social media censor news that cast Joe and his family in an unfavorable light. Editorials belong on the opinion page, not in the news columns.

Big social media companies are silencing, blocking and restricting conservative voices. They suppress news that would harm Biden's chances in this election.

The mainstream media are no longer objective reporters of the news; they inhibit and suppress narratives and voices that do not conform to their beliefs. Their owners and employees include woke activist partisans who are interfering in, and attempting to influence, an election.

In two attempts at a coup-d’etat, they failed to undo the 2016 election with manufactured allegations of Russian collusion, and an impeachment based on a Ukrainian telephone call, in which the President tried to uncover why Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion of taxpayer dollars unless Ukraine fired the prosecutor investigating his son’s role in Burisma. Were Joe’s son and brother laundering money derived from influence peddling from Ukraine, Russia, China, Iraq, and Uzbekistan? The mainstream media will neither investigate nor mention the issue. According to CBS’s Leslie Stahl, these allegations are “unverified.”

Embracing critical race theory, the Left sees every inequity as a result of racism, sexism or systemic institutional bias. They will redistribute income and wealth, regulate and direct business, and micromanage American social arrangements. George Will, a conservative pundit, described a Liberal as someone who would like to reach in and adjust the temperature and water flow while you’re taking a shower because you are too dumb to make those decisions for yourself. The framers of our government were careful to protect individual liberty in the face of government coercion. What the Left proposes is antithetical to American history, which is why they believe that history must be shamed, corrected or forgotten.


Trump’s Policies Are the Right Policies

Other countries do not allow aliens to enter without a visa. Why should the United States? What nation allows drug and human trafficking to pour across an unguarded border? The Roman Empire fell because the Roman legions did not or could not defend its borders ‒ and its fall heralded the Dark Ages.

Moreover, if the US is so horrible a violator of human rights and so incorrigibly racist, why do so many want to come here? Americans, and this includes Trump, are not opposed to immigration. Most Americans are descendants of immigrants. They favor merit-based immigration. Bring in immigrants with skills who can innovate, create jobs, and help make our economy stronger. We also need to stop this "anchor baby" nonsense based on the 14th Amendment’s effort to ensure citizenry for former slaves. It was never designed to invite pregnant mothers from a less developed country to gain entry for their families by giving birth in US hospitals.

Trump has revised trade in a way that jettisoned unfair markets and brought manufacturing jobs home. His policies made the country energy self-sufficient. He strengthened our economy and reduced unemployment across all ethnic and demographic groups. His trifecta of tax cuts, deregulation and a new trade policy, proved his critics wrong. He says, rightly, that the same strategy will restore the economy after the pandemic.

The worst polluters are not in North America but Asia; in South America they clear-cut the forests, the Earth's lungs. The solution to global warming and climate change is not Joe Biden; it requires a global solution. But the Paris Agreement (2015) would have put the economic burden principally on developed countries, not on China or India.

Demanding that our NATO allies carry their fair share of defense is long overdue. Too many countries have long been free riders on America’s dime. Mercifully, the President has strengthened our military and led us into no new foreign adventures. A strong military reduces the need to use it.

Admittedly, the failure of the Wuhan Plague is our failure. Like Sweden, we should have sequestered the infirm and the elderly, not the young and healthy.

Biden blames Trump for tens of thousands of deaths for mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump gave New York a hospital ship and turned the Javits Convention Center into a hospital. He provided respirators and put vaccine research on hyper-speed. Governor Cuomo forced the infected into elderly care facilities, killing tens of thousands of vulnerable parents and grandparents.

Democrat governors locked down their economies hoping economic quicksand would submerge Trump in November, regardless of the impact on workers trying to feed their families, or on children needing an education and social interaction. Biden criticized Trump's handling of the pandemic but has identified nothing beyond masks and social distancing as remedies ... well, no, he called out Trump as xenophobic for canceling flights carrying Chinese into the US back in January.

The chaos many on the Left complain about is largely the anarchy, looting, rioting, and arson of BLM and Antifa, led by Marxists who want to destroy our country, and who are, by the way, overwhelmingly Biden supporters, coddled by Democrat governors and mayors. Imagine the chaos that would result if the police were defunded.

Many “peaceful protesters” rioting and looting on the street, and attacking the police, are Millennials. The Millennials do not read history. If they did, they would understand how we praised and honored our first responders, including the NYPD, after 9/11. Sadly, too, they did not live through the communist tyranny of the USSR. Nor do they understand contemporary Venezuela or Cuba, or the communist suppression of the Uyghurs or the heretofore free citizens of Hong Kong.

Trump's appointments of conservatives to the Judiciary have restored its role as interpreters not makers of law. If Biden wins and packs the Supreme Court by adding justices, our system of checks and balances, which has ensured the success of our democratic republic its beginning, will be destroyed.

Final Thoughts

We cannot support someone with dementia for President, who, unable to serve a full term, will pass the keys to the Oval Office to a VP to the left of Bernie Sanders.

Trump is no politician. Nor is he politically correct. But many Americans are fed up with career politicians like Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, and Schiff. Many Americans are tired of political correctness, seeing it for what it is ‒ a strategic tool of the Left to suppress, smother, and stifle free speech. Most Americans love their country. They do not see its history as shameful but as a path toward a shining city on the hill. You don’t have to be old enough to remember John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan, both of whom used the phrase. You’ll find it in the Sermon on the Mount.

Americans believe in the rule of law; they do not sympathize with looters, arsonists, or anarchists. And if enough Americans believe in freedom over serfdom, personal responsibility over ancient wrongs, and hope over blame, there will be a Republican landslide in November.

[1] Founder Ionosphere Capital LLC

[2] Tomlinson Professor Emeritus of Law, McGill University


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