RANDOM THOUGHTS October 25, 2020

 As we head into the home stretch, vote “R” straight ticket.  Volunteer.  Write letters to the paper.  Join a phone bank.  Pound on doors.  Do this like America, and Western Civilization… and our posterity… depend on it.  Because they do.  The Left has, in multiple venues, expressed a desire for revenge on those who support Trump.



(Both HT NinetyMiles)


Understand the stakes here.  They want REVENGE for our heresy:

Former labour secretary calls for Truth and Reconciliation Commission to punish Trump supporters

Read some of the tweets.  Here’s one:

"DEPROGRAMMING CENTERS. These will have to be at every strip mall in every town!! They had them in Germany after Hitler, we need them just as badly!! Make it mandatory trump supporters go or they must leave our country!! I'm Fkg. Serious"

Deprogramming centers for Trump supporters.  Speech controls and prior-restraint censorship.  No wonder the Left loves China, and had a mutual admiration going with the burgeoning Nazis in times past.  Speaking of revenge, consider this Tucker Carlson video (can’t embed, need to go to the link).  And this website that lists names, addresses, and how much that person donated to Trump.  Not like this would EVER be used to develop lists of reprisal targets. Right?  Right?

Liberals Threaten Trump Supporters With Arson If President Does Not Concede Election (Video)

“This is a Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America”

Yet despite the damage Leftist policies are doing; ANIMAL’S DAILY URBAN DISINTEGRATION NEWS: 

San Franciscans have nobody but themselves to blame for this.  This is a city that, a decade or so back, actually had an argument among their city council members as to whether or not cracking down on public urination and defecation was somehow “unfair” to their homeless population.  You can see for yourself the results of that discussion, as the city now hands out feces maps to tourists.

The vast majority of people on the Left will continue to vote Left.





If of G-d’s kind mercy, we get another 4 years, use them as best you can in fighting at whatever level you can: educating, speaking out, working.


Time is short, and night comes fast.


May G-d have mercy on our souls.




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Gratuitous Rule Five Friday: Women on boats


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A Foreign Affair – How I met my wife


[International Dating and Singles Tours - Free Membership / 5:02]





The Progressives did! 

The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left

Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change




The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness

Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild

The Closing of the Liberal Mind: How Groupthink and Intolerance Define the Left


Blind Horse (bolding added, links and italics in original):

Bret Weinstein had his life threatened at Evergreen College for refusing to declare his inherent racism, his Unity 2020 Twitter account was suspended without explanation[, was dumped from Facebook with no explanation]… But he’s still anti-Trump because “something something better than that”.

Never has the expression “The perfect is the enemy of the good” been so applicable as to right now with all those sniffing at Trump’s being oh-so-uncouth.  I've attempted to engage several of them on LinkedIn.




Forget What Gender Activists Tell You. Here’s What Medical Transition Looks Like

Horrific.  Look, I’ve known a couple of trans people (both M ---> F).  One was a coworker for a while.  Intelligent, capable… not friends per se but certainly friendly with them.  But they made their transitions as adult.  And that’s their choice.





Pennsylvania Supreme Court – Absentee and mail-in ballots don’t need matching signatures (or valid postmarks)

They will manufacture votes in PA – and doubtless other states – right out in the open.  Then, when they’ve flipped enough electoral college votes to put Biden over, look for the full-court enemedia press to declare Trump out, Biden in.  Trump will, IMHO rightly, protest, and that will be their pretext to riot.




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DHS Chad Wolf: President Trump Slashed Migrant Inflow from 400,000 to 14,000

If Biden gets in that will not just go up, they’ll send busses to the home countries to bring people up, with lawyers on those busses filling out the asylum paperwork and rows of rubber-stampers to approve the requests as the people disembark the busses.  And fast-track to citizenship.





My understanding is that there is a medical professional on-hand during waterboarding to ensure that no actual, permanent harm is done.  Based on that understanding, some years back, I was engaged with a lib who said “I bet you’d think it’s torture…”

So I volunteered to be waterboarded for an hour, given the above.  But with one condition.  After I get waterboarded for an hour, I get to “do” him al Qaeda style.  I’ve got a power drill already but I will have to buy acid and a blowtorch.

He didn’t take me up on it.




Wargames (bolding added): 

Journolist didn’t die. In a world where journalists followed ethical standards, Journolist founder Ezra Klein would have been defenestrated from journalism. But he got a buttload of money to start Vox, and Journolist went underground. There is more independent thought among members of a cult than there is in our news media. 




Under Trump’s Administration Black Prison Rate Lowest It’s Been In 31 Years

Worst. Racist. Ever.  More:

Facts Matter: Trump’s Real Record on Race


Nazis, in their own words

“Socialist” is in the party’s name.




The Virtue of Nationalism

The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free

Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950

Civilization: The West and the Rest

Why the West is Best: A Muslim Apostate's Defense of Liberal Democracy




Three parallel questions as you peruse here:

1. Can’t you just feel the wonderful benefits of being diverse and multi-cultural, and want more of them to come to the West? 

2. Can’t you understand the noblesse oblige of governments in enabling and prioritizing this cultural enrichment even over their own native citizens?

3. How do we encourage and increase the signs of resistance we do see?

German criminal police admit massive crime wave perpetrated by migrants

MUSLIM SCHOLAR says “Beheading of French teacher by a Muslim teen was justified under sharia law and NOT a considered a crime”

MEANWHILE, in Italy…

WHAT THE CLUCK? Muslim who raped chickens to death while his wife filmed them has been jailed for 3 years

SWEDEN: Elderly man facing two years in prison for sharing his negative opinions about Islam on Facebook




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ME?  Yes.

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Perennial links to understand your own security.

Escape The Wolf: A Security Handbook for Traveling Professionals

Facing Violence: Preparing for the Unexpected

Spotting Danger Before It Spots You: Build Situational Awareness To Stay Safe

The Little Black Book Violence: What Every Young Man Needs to Know About Fighting

 Arm up.

Mace Brand Maximum Strength Bear Spray, Bear Defense Pepper Mace for Camping and Hiking, 35' Spray Range, 9" x 2" (80346)

When the mob comes, the mob will render the police useless

When IT starts, you will be on your own.




Y2Kyoto: Snowfalls Are Now Just A Thing Of The Past

A SCIENCE makes predictions – and the predictions must be specific.  It cannot, CANNOT, be “See, things are different”.  No, if it’s warmer, colder, wetter, drier, stormier, calmer, more stable, or less stable is NOT A PREDICTION.  A science needs to be FALSIFIABLE.

Climate Change Apocalypse: "Permanently Immunized From Falsification"




Ending on a light note…




                                                                 (HT Gorges)














I do not compromise with cancer.  I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left-Islam Axis must be fought ruthlessly with no quarter asked or expected – or America, Western Civilization, and Israel… indeed the whole world… will be destroyed.




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