Birthright Citizenship, Immigration, and Voting – Some Thoughts

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The US is one of the few countries that says “If you were born here, you are automatically a citizen”.  I don’t recall the other countries off the top of my head, but they’re not my concern.
Personally, I think it’s an abomination and is massively abused – that is obvious to anyone with three brain cells.  My contention is based on multiple cases of very-pregnant women making it over the border line from Mexico… like this one, Woman Gives Birth One Day After Crossing The Border Illegally.   American law on this is not just known down there, but encouraged by Democrats here.  In the case of this woman’s baby, now the parents are instant permanent and legal residents.  And my gut feel says that any illegal alien woman of childbearing age works very hard to get knocked up ASAP if they weren’t already gravid when they made it across.
The Left, as we know, doesn’t care.  It’s all about importing a new population, one more amenable to voting “D” by default.
Incidentally, my immigrant wife was very pregnant when she took her oath of citizenship.  She did it the right way; I remember her beaming face at the ceremony, waving a small Old Glory and enthusiastically singing both the Star-Spangled Banner and God Bless the USA.  (Incidentally, literally the day the got her Social Security number, she set out to find work.  I was so proud of her.)

But in general, Democrats are the three monkeys when it comes to this intentional abuse of our current law.
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A few years ago it was revealed that Chinese and Russians nationals were also taking advantage of this provision, and coming to the US to give birth here to create US citizen babies.  These two instances got lots of enemedia attention.  Why?  Because Chinese and Russians, growing up under Communism, would be less likely to vote “D” or to impart the “D” mentality to their children.
Similar to this, by the way, was the Democrat’s hostility to people fleeing the Communist victories in Vietnam, etc.; FLASHBACK: Democrats Tried To Block Thousands Of Vietnam War Refugees, Including Orphans (links in original):
National Public Radio host Debbie Elliott retraced Brown’s refusal to accept any refugees in a January 2007 interview with Taft. According to a transcript, which was aired on its flagship program, “All Things Considered,” Taft said, “our biggest problem came from California due to Brown.” She called his rejection of Vietnamese refugees “a moral blow.”
“I remember at the time we had thousands and thousands of requests from military families in San Diego, for instance, who had worked in Vietnam, who knew some of these people,” she told NPR.
Brown echoed his isolationist theme throughout his first term. As recounted by author Larry Clinton Thompson in his book, “Refugee Workers in the Indochina Exodus,” Brown said, “We can’t be looking 5,000 miles away and at the same time neglecting people who live here.”
At the same time as Brown was fighting Washington, Democrats waged an anti-refugee campaign inside the nation’s capital.
“One of the justifications that Ford gave was related to communism. He said these people are all fleeing communism, which was the same criteria that had been used for the Cubans, the Hungarians, other refugee groups that had been processed in the past,” Taft explained.

(Really good for grilling!)

I’ve been in two situations where I’ve been faced with this.
The first time was a few years ago.  My cousin-in-law was pregnant with her second child.  Both she and her husband are educated professionals and they wanted to see what it would cost for her to come over, live with us, and give birth to an “anchor baby” so that they could move to the US – they’d been putting in for the diversity lottery for several years and IIRC have also taken the slower route.
Their main concern was the hospital expense.  I called around to several hospitals.  I got baseline numbers “if all went well” but, of course, there are always potential complications.
I couldn’t not give information as it was my wife’s request, after all (happy wife, happy life).  I was pretty sure they’d settle nearby, and having family nearby would be nice for my wife.  But I did… inflate the numbers some, knowing they’d never be audited.  Because, ultimately, I was offended at their desire to take advantage of our law.
Let me repeat: these are two educated professionals who are hard-working and have initiative; e.g., one day while staying here on a visit they just went out and cleared out an area of our property that needed it – clearing out some brush, raking, picking up fallen sticks, etc.  Nobody asked them to, they just saw the need and did it.  They would, absolutely in my mind, be net contributors to America.  But I could not countenance the abuse of our system even for personal and familial benefit so I made sure the cost range I relayed was “high enough” they’d wave off… not implausibly high, but enough to deter them.
More recently, at a Synagogue event, an Israeli woman said that she and her husband (married civilly here) were flying to Israel for a formal wedding.  Then they planned on returning and intended to use the remaining time on their visa here to, among other things, get pregnant so that they had a US citizen child “just in case” they needed to flee Israel.
Again, I was offended.  Even if they had truly intended to immigrate to the US, I’d be offended even though, like my in-laws, I know they’d be net contributors.  But this was a double-hit.  I did not like, at all, the idea of America being nothing but a back-pocket escape route.
Birthright citizenship needs to be undone, and as I understand it there is substantial evidence to do it.
Ending Birthright Citizenship (American Thinker)

I posted a whole list of immigration-related desires on Open Borders as a comment (reformatted, links added, added thoughts in []):
1. I don’t just want a wall, I want a minefield. I think that seeing a few wetbacks going ‘splodey would do wonders to discourage the others.
2. End birthright citizenship… illegitimate to begin with from what I understand [as outlined above], but explicitly end it – in parallel, no more “chain migration”.
3. Repeal the 1965 immigration law. Any immigrants that do come here should come from cultures like our own.  [Exposure to, and understanding of, other cultures is enriching; that doesn’t mean I want other cultures swarming into America.  Apple pie is nice.  Apple pie with a few berries sprinkled in can be even nicer.  But at some point, with enough berries, it ceases to be an apple pie.]
4. Multiple repeat border jumpers (or single-time ones that rape and/or kill) get deported… ‘Nam helicopter-style into the nearest salt-water body. (Sharks have to eat too.)  [Anyone who aids border jumpers, like these Democrats, should also be turned into shark chum - this is "aid and comfort" territory IMHO.]
5. Citizenship should be difficult to get (a la Rush Limbaugh).
6. Those who are shown to knowingly have evaded employee verification to hire cheap illegal labor:
·         Are sent away for a long time
·         Have their assets confiscated and sold to aid victims of illegal alien crimes
7. End all subsidies / government grants for any agency helping “refugees” come to the US.  [Among other things, start enforcing the law where a refugee that gets to a safe country has to stop there – they can’t keep going until they get to their preferred destination.]
8. Repeal motor voter laws; registering to vote should require:
·         Proof of citizenship; if truly poor, fees can be waived
·         Verification the person registering is the person registering
·         [Correctly answering at least 3 out of 5 random questions from the US citizenship test – required of all persons registering to vote]
9. In parallel, voting should require:
·         State-issued photo ID; if truly poor, fees can be waived
·         Strong penalties for multiple votes / multi-state votes
·         A finger dipped in ink to prevent bussing from one site to another
·         No same-day registration
·         [Strict limits on absentee ballots, and eliminate this whole “early voting” nonsense]
·         [A return to paper ballots; I do not trust electronic voting systems.  Period.]
10. English as the ONLY official language for any business with any governmental agency (with, I would argue, an exception for emergency services like police, medical, and fire).

Building on my list from above, I’ll add a couple of other thoughts on voting:
A. No reporting on results until all polls on the west coast are closed.  Period.  Speculate at will, but no actual numbers reported by the enemedia until the news cannot make a difference.  E.g., after the 2000 election economist John Lott estimated that early calls of Florida discouraged panhandle voters who are on central time.  Note that the panhandle is far more Conservative than the Florida average… and without this discouragement the whole Florida debacle would probably not have happened.  (I should also note my recollection that the enemedia were told, at least twice, by the Florida Secretary of State to not call Florida while the central-time panhandle polls were still open – but they did it anyway.)
B. Boxes of ballots that are “discovered” are, de facto, illegitimate.  No exceptions.  In parallel, precincts and districts that are three-or-more standard deviations above the normal voting rate for the state should have their voting rolls examined under a microscope for dead voters, moved voters, etc.
C. In any recount situation, there will be one recount.  No counting and finding new votes (for the “D”) and iterating until the “D” pulls ahead, at which point victory is declared and the process stops.
In regards to C, has anyone done a systematic study of close elections with recounts with the winner switching, i.e., the “R” initial winner eventually losing to the “D” or vice versa?  My bet is that the ratio of “R” switching to “D” winning is at least twice the other way and, statistically, well outside random chance.
D. I can make a solid arm-waving case for the voting franchise only being limited to those who are net tax payers, not net government benefit users.  I.e., people who vote need to have a skin in the game of how much tax money gets taken.

Apple pie is a wonderful thing.  Apple pie with a few berries sprinkled in does enhance it.  But add enough berries and it ceases to be apple pie, but something else.
(Image source)

Western Civilization - originating in Europe - is the greatest civilization to have ever existed in the Earth’s history.  America is the greatest, most exceptional country in the world, surpassing Western Civilization having been refined through the Anglosphere.  America grew to be the dominant power as a white European, Christian nation... tolerant of others, yes, but there are limits, limits that are being smashed by the Left's desire to grab power.  As with the pie analogy, I want America and Europe to remain apple pie.

In general, if an immigrant - and this is MHO - if an immigrant of any stripe comes in and learns English, and in their hearts becomes an American, loving America and not wanting to remake it like "home"... I'm fine with that.  My non-white wife stands for the national anthem and puts her hand on her heart at our kids' sports events while many native-born white people do neither; in encouraging our kids to excel in sports - she has Olympic ambitions for them - she says "America is your country, you need to be the best"!  A former (smokin' hot, dammit) coworker is calm, collected, thoughtful... and is in the process of pursuing a green card; I am sure she will make a fine American too.
Both America specifically, and Western Civilization generally (i.e., Europe) need to be preserved, not inundated – because if permit the third world invasion to continue, we will turn into the third world.  

I don't want that.  And perhaps the above suggestions can help MAGA, and KAG.



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