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Condolences to the Baron at Gates of Vienna on the loss of his wife, Dymphna.  Rest in peace, brave warrior.
Sad News, and a Blogging Hiatus

A short anecdote: It was not too long after 9-11 that I first stumbled on their blog in its prior incarnation; what an eye-opener.  Their site was one of the big stepping stones to truly grasping the civilizational war we are facing.  In particular, this essay was a keystone to that understanding:
The Other September 11th

They did yeoman’s work, tirelessly and relentlessly, and I pray the Baron will find it within him to continue.
Baruch Dayan Emet.

===== TOP OF THE FOLD =====

[Biden Supporters Shocked By His 'Racist' Quotes / 3:26]

Not surprising at all… if you’re informed.  But that’s the thing: those who control the information flow control what people believe.


End all incentives for this.  No government money for refugees.  Period.  And I’m wondering if there is legal precedent to hold the officers of these organizations liable / culpable for the crimes that the migrants do?  Especially now that there's a track record of their criminality.


Wads of cash like I wish I had… from countries where the average annual salary is a fraction of what they’re carrying, flying into Ecuador and making it all the way to the US border on their own.  Yup, yup, totally legitimate.


Every liberal who opposes border security and immigration enforcement is an accessory.

===== COUP & RELATED =====

Make it an airtight case.  And squeeze him to sing about Obama.  Related:


File charges and squeeeeeze.


President Donald Trump attempted to revoke the security clearance of disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan, but was ultimately overruled by the deep state, according to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).
Paul pointed out how this is an indicator of how the shadow government operates. The President’s power is severely limited, democratic elections are mostly for show, and Trump is effectively held hostage to the bureaucratic machinery.
Get the historic documents and artifacts out… then nuke the site from orbit.  It’s the only way to be sure.

===== TRUMP =====
When Normality Became Abnormal
A good read.  IMHO it boils down to confidence – not only in oneself, which Trump has in spades, but confidence in one’s nation and civilization… something utterly lacking on the Left.  By the author of this article:

Trump Says He Will Begin Deporting 'Millions' of Illegal Aliens Next Week
He’d better, or he’s toast.  More:
Trump Delivers on Promise to Cut Aid to Central American Countries Over Migrants


Quote (italics in original):
Because you can't undo 90 years of communism in this country in just half a term.
Because there's so much more to do.
Because you're not ready for what happens under another Dumbocrat presidency.

He wasn't my guy in 2016. He's not, and never was, an actual conservative.

But he's
governed more conservatively than any president since Coolidge, including Reagan, and that ain't nothing. I don't care what you say, I care what you do.
Ditto.  Tera-dittos.  Do I agree with everything he’s doing?  No.  But then, short of ME being in office, I’d disagree with something the person in office would do.

===== 2020 / ELECTIONS IN GENERAL =====
No one ever won a war by playing defense. If we want a second Trump term, we must attack, without reservations or any restraint of our forces. But what does that mean in an environment like the present one, in which the enemy’s major weapon is a miasma of unsupported accusations? How does one attack such a haze?
Good questions.



Prediction: They’re going to fight over who will raise them more.


Quote (link in original):
Concluding his speech, Trump said “A vote for any Democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the American dream.” I say, “Amen brother!”
Brother and sister Americans, we absolutely must reelect President Donald J. Trump in 2020

===== ENEMEDIA =====

Had it been “Trump sucks!” at a DNC rally they’d not only have it on continuous loop 24/7, they’d have to create privacy rooms at CNN for people to spank their monkeys to it (and what’s the female variant anyway?).


What these monsters are doing to children is absolutely criminal.  More:


Two things:

1. In general, I agree, and I definitely need to “up my game” when we go – as an example for the kids as well.

2. Note, in particular, how liberal Jews are actively denying G-d’s existence, or at least relegating Him to minimal status.  More proof of Evan Sayet’s Plopping Jews thesis:

To be called a Jew –even to call yourself a Jew – is different than any other religion.  To be called a Christian, you have to believe something.  You have to believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior.  If you believe that, you’re a Christian.  If you don’t believe that, you’re not a Christian.  If you do believe that, then there are certain rites and rituals, practices and behaviors that tend to follow.  To be called a Muslim you have to believe something.  You have to believe that the Koran is the final testament of God and Muhammad his perfect messenger. If you believe that, you’re a Muslim.  If you don’t believe that then you’re not a Muslim.  If you do believe this then there are certain rites and rituals, practices and behaviors that tend to follow.
But, to be called a Jew you don’t have to believe anything.  To be called a Jew, all you have to do is plop out of a Jewish womb.  Because these Jews – I’ll call them here “The Plopping Jews” – do not believe anything particularly Jewish. Indeed, there’s absolutely no reason to expect them to vote in a way that reflects Jewish values and beliefs.  Since a Jewish person’s Judaism is not of his own choosing or a reflection of his beliefs, his Jewishness is nothing more than an accident of his birth. Therefore, to expect him to choose to support Jewish causes is actually a form of bigotry.  People’s behaviors are predicated on their beliefs, not on the circumstances of their birth.
In fact, not only is there no reason to expect the Plopping Jew to support Jewish causes, one might even argue that the folks who Dennis Prager calls “Non-Jewish Jews” and are more generally known as “Secular Jews” (note that it is almost unheard of for someone to call themselves or be called “Secular Christians” or “Secular Muslims”) are less likely to support Jewish causes and to be antipathetic to Israel and other Jewish issues than are others since we can assume, having been born to a Jewish mother, they were at least exposed to Judaism and chose to reject it.  Put simply, the Plopping Jew is more likely to be an anti-Semite than your average American.
Sadly, in an America that has been successfully secularized by the Left, the Plopping Jews make up the vast majority of the people who are identified as “Jewish” and thus a major part of the explanation as to why so many “Jews” vote for the party that is, as we shall see, patently Jew-hating.


(HT Gorges)

Quote (link in original):
The Left’s war on our culture comes with a lot of collateral damage, including anyone the left claims to defend. Of, course, we know that is a lie in service to the larger goal. After all, Nancy Pelosi did tell us that, “If there is collateral damage to Americans who don’t share our views, so be it.”
She didn’t say Republicans; she said Americans. Which confirms what I have log posited here. That the agenda comes before everything, including your nationality, status, gender, age, or any other self-segregating identity politics label. 

===== RKBA =====

And IIRC the murders in America in these areas are strongly “D”.

Guard Dog Security ProShield 2 Tactical Backpack, Multimedia Connections and Enhanced Gel Comfort, Black

===== ECONOMY / TRADE =====

Solar, etc., are fantastic on a local level – or for individual site locations.


Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper's bell of an approaching looter.

Ayn Rand

Loving money is not bad.  Pursuing money without the restraining forces of morality is bad.


Almost a quarter million in debt.  Insane.

===== ISRAEL / MIDDLE EAST =====

As I said, we’re in a situation with NO GOOD CHOICES.  And more to the point, understanding that in Shia Islam, their Messiah cannot come until there is a global war is a critical item.


(HT Gorges)


As my late mother would say, “That’s exactly right”!


Quote (links in original):
Who would have thunk it? GOP members of Congress were shot at during a baseball practice in June 2017. Senator Rand Paul was physically assaulted while mowing his lawn by a neighbor. Deranged liberals all over the country have been attacking Trump supporters and Republicans because they’re convinced everyone who doesn’t believe in leftist ideology is a Hitler-incarnate.
14 Recent Anti-Trump Hate Crimes That the Media Ignored

===== ISLAM IN GENERAL =====

Don’t forget Arabs taking millions of white slaves from Europe.


Real Islam.


Excellent!  A must-read for those interested in this topic.  One of the links in the above:
400 Scientific Papers Published In 2017 Favor Skepticism on Climate Alarm


Two things.  First, just another right-wing white supremacist, right?  Second, notice how this news – like the news of a lot of anti-Semitic attacks in NYC – are spiked?


(HT Gorges)


It seems that the mere idea of gay people or transgendered people or black people being conservative or supporting Trump is considered so disruptive and unsettling that their reasons cannot even be heard in a public forum that is described as serving gay and transgendered people. 
And the most terrifying people of all to the left are those who are members of groups the left feels it owns and yet who have dared, like Straka, to defy the party line. The left hates those who once were members but have since left the fold, and their very existence threatens the left’s reliance on the monolithic support of particular groups.
Because liberalism is not a political party, it’s a religion.  And religions hate it when heretics speak out.

===== SOCIALISM =====

===== RACE =====


That’ll leave a mark.  More:
Black intellectuals surprise Democrats by telling them who owes the tab on reparations

Poll: Trump Better for Black Americans Than Obama
Even with record low unemployment for black Americans achieved under President Trump, 60 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of black voters think life for black Americans has gotten worse with Trump in office.
And this is the power of the enemedia.  Outright fabrications, repeated endlessly through every possible information flow.  The only way we’re going to win blacks and others (#lexit, #jexit) is one-on-one.


There are a staggering number of unknowns here.  How easily it can spread.  How long it can last in the environment after the last sick person dies.  If it can find home in a local animal reservoir and re-emerge.  But IMHO it’s only a matter of time… and, ironically, the harsher the initial measures are, like travel stoppages, etc., the better.  But most politicians don’t have the courage for that.


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