WEDNESDAY WHITTLE November 18, 2020

My deep apologies for missing last week.  Just too frickin’ busy.  And, Wednesday night, blogger was not working well.  So, finishing today - Thursday morning.

What is WEDNESDAY WHITTLE?  Wednesday Whittle is a post that I put up on Wednesdays (duh, unless I get crunched for time) that focuses on Bill Whittle and his excellent and effective communications advancing conservatism.  However, in the spirit of providing a venue for other conservative / Right-leaning thought, I include other videos as well.  Pretty much every week I include a few videos from Prager University, a few related to #walkaway #blexit #jexit #jexodus #theexodusproject #lexit movement, as well as a smattering of others I think are worthy of being seen.

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Speaking of the past: Volume I and Volume II.  (If I get inspired I may just fold them all into one…)

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[International Dating and Singles Tours - Free Membership / 5:02]





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NOTE: Simply because I post a video does not necessarily mean I agree with every word spoken.  I post what I think will provoke thought.  To be fair, of course, in general I post stuff I agree with…




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So let’s start off with a bunch of Bill’s latest videos.  Note that don’t embed the videos but rather provide the full post link – because, in reality, they need traffic and, as I stated just above, subscribers.

Coming Together: Can We Find Happiness in the Trump v. Biden Age of Rage?

Wisconsin Quadruples Recount Price for Trump, While Strippers Celebrate Free Speech Ruling

NY Times Finds Father of Conservative Media Talking Smack About His Children

Bad Data: Biden Mask Mandate Won’t Save 130,000 Lives Because Most Already Wear One

Hidin’ from Biden Burden? Ex-Google Boss Bails from USA, Banks on Cyprus Citizenship

Socialist Police Defunders: Democrats Savage Each Other as ‘Blue Wave’ Turns to Blue Suck

Conservative Exodus: Media Election Betrayal Sparks Move to Free Speech Social Platforms

Trump’s Victory Speech: Bill Whittle Previews President’s Remarks to 75 Million Biden Backers

Protestors Mock Man Who Thinks His Biden Lawn Sign Shows He’s Down with the Struggle

COVID Killer: But Pfizer’s Touted 90% Effective Vaccine Faces Massive Obstacles

Landslide Divide: Republicans and Democrats Physically Separate into Partisan Counties

The Stolen Election, Part One: AMERICAN PRAVDA

Not My President-Elect: When Will Trump Accept Election Result? What Can You Do?

Election Tide Turns: But If Media Calls it for Biden, Fight Against Fraud Continues in Court

The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 264

Bill Whittle: Integrity of America’s Election System Hangs in the Balance


Biden’s Screwed: No Matter the Election Outcome Things are About to Get Worse for Sleepy Joe

Blow Up the Polling Industry: Will America Tolerate Second Epic Fail in Four Years?

FoxNews in Hen House: Did Stirewalt Stalling Calling States for Trump Suppress GOP Vote?

LIVID! Hot Takes on Trump v. Biden Election While Votes Still Being Found and Counted

ELECTION NIGHT SPECIAL: The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 263

And I recommend these two podcast series highly!

The Cold War: What We Saw

Apollo 11: What We Saw


I hear he’s working on a new series.  Can’t wait!






[The Candace Owens Show: Dr. Stella Immanuel / 36:39]

I don't remember specifically, and I'm not going to search for it now, the term "unwishful thinking" - the idea, the hope of millions apparently, that a potential effective treatment for Covid would not work.  Because Orange Man Bad.  Seriously, you hate this one man so much you’d deliberately hope for people to die, you'd deliberately downplay and disparage HCG despite strong evidence from 2005 that it works, just so his election chances would be damaged?  Let alone, as I firmly believe, deliberately arrange for people to die?  (But then, Socialists murdered over 100 million civilians in their attempts to create utopia – what’s a few hundred thousand, mostly-older no-longer-productive-and-therefore-not-useful-to-The-State people?)


[Abundant, Clean, and Safe / 5:27]


[The Most Important Question About Abortion / 5:20]


[Intersectionality: Disney Writer vs. Ben Shapiro / 4:25]


[The Candace Owens Show: Katie Hopkins / 56:04]


[How the Government Made You Fat / 5:55]

Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It

Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health

The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet

Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers 

[Values Matter. Race Doesn't. / 6:22]


In watching the above, I am struck how so many arguments by the Left boil down to:


[Andrew Klavan: Shut Up. / 4:43]


More on Klavan:

[The Candace Owens Show: Andrew Klavan / 59:46]


[Are You on the Wrong Side of History? / 5:27]




Bumper Sticker

(Also available in 5.56 and .223 versions.)






[220 year old voted in Pennsylvania / 0:51]

(HT ItAin'tHolyWater)



[2020 Election: Dark Winter, Great Reset. "You'll Own Nothing!" / 11:16]

(HT NinetyMiles)



[Jon Voight on Biden & Leftists / 1:47]


[The Biggest PsyOp I've Ever Seen: The Press Conference and Litigation / 7:21]


[I Smell Trouble - Get Your Last Minute Items NOW! / 5:26] 

(All HT NCRenegade)


[Leftists Start to PANIC as DEEP STATE Tries to SILENCE Eyewitnesses to VOTER FRAUD!!! / 13:50]

(HT NinetyMiles)




Wrapping up, older Whittle pieces:







I used to be a climate alarmist, and I changed my mind.  Interestingly to me, people who know me in person, who acknowledge that I have a sharp mind, do not turn around when I say I changed my mind and ask why... but simply snap that I've been brainwashed and am now a "denier".  WHO is brainwashed here??? 

[Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Rich Man, Poor Man / 8:52]




 Closing on a light note:


(HT Woodsterman)




(HT Gorges)




I do not compromise with cancer.  I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left-Islam Axis must be fought ruthlessly with no quarter asked or expected – or America, Western Civilization, and Israel… indeed the whole world… will be destroyed.




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