Quick Hits VACATION EDITION: Linkfest December 18, 2018

As of this post I'm "off duty" until the New Year.  Sanity.  Hopefully the world doesn't end before then... of course, per the Left, minorities and women will be hardest hit by that. ;)

Wishing all my Christian readers a wonderful - and meaningful - Christmas.

As for Me and My House...
** Any entity not actively Conservative will see the Left ooze in and corrupt it.  ANY entity.

Incomplete(?) Files Released by Mueller Confirm FBI Agents Did Not Think Flynn Lied
** That's not the point.  The message, between the above and this:
The Totalitarian Fantasy That Is the SDNY's Campaign Finance Investigation of Trump
** Is plain and stark: "We, the Deep State, can take out anyone.  We can ruin your life.  We can destroy your children.  Obey or else."  Why do you think Democrat strategists have written, paraphrased, to the effect that it's not enough to destroy Trump but it must be ensured that another populist never arises.

Is Michael Savage latest victim o…

Prager U: Why You Should Be a Nationalist

I just saw this on NinetyMiles:

[Why You Should Be a Nationalist / 5:38]
Excellent points.

From Bare Naked Islam: Remember being told ad nauseum that the United Nations Global Migration Pact would be “non-binding?”

NB: Initially sourced to Vlad Tepes (whom I also recommend) - but corrected to the proper website, Bare Naked Islam.

There is no curse in Entish, Elvish, or the  tongues of men for this treachery...
Remember being told ad nauseum that the United Nations Global Migration Pact would be “non-binding?”

Another take on it:

They lied: The UN Migration Pact IS legally binding and could be valid FOR ALL countries

And this video is HT to Vlad Tepes:

[Merkel admits migration pact is legally binding 1080p / 3:53]
Only someone TOTALLY COMMITTED to the erasure of Western Civilization itself, a TRUE BELIEVER in the Marxist Dialectic that Socialism will inevitably arise ascendant and supreme - despite countless examples throughout history that it does not work - could do this.

Get ready for a death-struggle.  Sharia Law, coming to your neighborhood.  Wait, already here:

[Ami on the Street: America or Somalia - you might be surprised / 4:29]
"I do not coexist with cancer; I do not find common ground wi…

Quick Hits: Linkfest December 16, 2018

Father of Swedish terror victim attacked by migrant who vandalised her grave – Police do nothing  ** Time for the three "S" solution.  Shoot.  Shovel.  Shut up.  Related: While 81% don’t want more migration, European leaders shamefully ignored the will of the people by signing the UN Pact  ** When I read this kind of thing I think of JFK Jr's words: "Those who make peace revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
BOOM! Clinton Foundation Labeled “Agents Of Foreign Governments” By Independent Investigators ** Can we PLEASE start building the gallows now?
Inspector General discovers that Team Mueller scrubbed Strzok and Page text messages during critical post-election period OIG: Mueller's Office Scrubbed Strzok-Page Text Messages Before IG Could Review Them ** Eager for a Pulitzer journalists hot on the trail asking "What are they hiding?"   JUST KIDDING.
The GOP Needs to Stop Being the Stupid Party ** Quote: At the state level, it i…

Quick Hits: Linkfest December 12, 2018

Pro-LGBT Teacher Admits Her Plan To Brainwash Children, And It’s Worse Than You Imagined
** And:
Mom Confronts LGBT School Officials And They Responded In The Worst Way
** I will, absolutely, stand by the right of consenting adults to do what they want in private.  Noneofmybusiness.  But this... this is grooming, straight-out.  And while I do not, absolutely, condone or recommend taking these people out, I also freely confess I would not want to be the deciding member on the jury trying someone who did.

Victoria Toensing: Why has Mueller ignored Obama administration crimes?
** The question answers itself.

Can Liberals Survive the Apocalypse?
** Funny.  But mockery, delicious mockery as well.  And no, I don't really want a civil war, or civilization to collapse.  But something is coming.  It could be economic collapse, it could be a civil war, it could be a world war... bad times are coming, and I hear doom-laden footsteps.

Students Want To Rename Clarence Thomas building… But Can’t Explai…

All the impeachment talk...

IMHO it's about several things.

In their wet dream, getting rid of Trump; not likely to happen, but...Let's assume the House Dems go full moonbat and do it; the Senate will not vote to convict (I think... it would not surprise me if there are Leftists working on "leverage" on enough RINOs to push it through - let alone enough NeverTrumpers to willingly assist)It will be 24/7/365 until election night 2020 about "The scandal-ridden Trump"; if he does get impeached, but not convicted in the Senate, it'll be about that - and if he is impeached and convicted, they'll use that against all Conservatives, everywhere in Guilt by associationIt's also about making life for a populist in office so uncomfortable no other such person will arise - they've already said it's not just about undoing Trump but making sure to prevent his like from arisingAnd since the Left has a long game, they're thinking of the history books: from Jan 2016 to whenever, …

Quick hits: Linkfest December 10, 2018

Why The Right Should Start Taking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Seriously 
** As much as it pains me to admit it, I think this article is correct in its fears.  Related to coming elections:
The Real Beto O’Rourke
** Another "blank slate" like Barackus Rex.

Ballot-harvesting, not just for California anymore...
** In the Left we face an enemy - actual enemy - that has no honor, no decency, no ethics, and no morality.

Caravan: The first anchor baby arrives
** Wall.  Minefield.  Lasers.  No anchor babies.  But none of those things will happen... because "future Democrat voters".

DNC’s Perez Joins Liberal Activists Hoping to Pack Supreme Court
** When you read things like this, you understand that they have one god - POWER.  By any means necessary.

California lawmaker proposes offering Medicaid to all illegal immigrants
** That this will not end well is crystal clear.  Either they're delusional or they're trying to accelerate Cloward-Piven.

I’m a Democrat and a Feminist. An…