Socialism: A reminder

A necessary reminder - not that the starry-eyed missionaries will ever grasp it.

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Here is the thing - call me naïve - that still astonishes me.  There are people who have lived through Socialism's effects and testify about how calamitous it is, and publicly attest to it:.

[Venezuelans Send Message To Americans Who Want Socialism / 3:54]
Speaking of life in the Peoples' Paradise of Venezuela - formerly professional women are now working.  Yes, that kind of working; Venezuelan Professional Women Working as Prostitutes to Feed Their Families:

After all the promises of human dignity and a government that would provide for everyone, what these women wound up with was a nightmare. As you’ll see in the discussion that follows this report, some people blame Chavez and Maduro for that, but some realize this was ultimately their own fault for having bought into what the socialists were selling and handed power to those leaders. They chose to believe something too good to be t…

Quick hits

Man pulls gun on a couple in MAGA hats inside a Sam’s Club: ‘It’s a good day for you to die’
** And sooner or later people will be shot (not forgetting the Congress shooting incident) and die.Remember… they’re not just willing to kill a purely-innocent baby minutes from birth, but “make it comfortable” and discuss its fate while it’s outside the womb and breathing.Just what will they be willing to do to people who, in their Marxianic Zeal, they believe are standing in the way of their creating heaven on earth?

New Insights on the Physical Nature of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Deduced from an Empirical Planetary Temperature Model ** Based on the critical chart, below, I’d say they have a darned good case… pending independent auditing of their data and methodology – and replication of their work by others.More to the point, let’s assume their results hold up and that the composition of the atmosphere, i.e., PPM of CO2, is merely “nibbling the edges” on effects on global temperature… …

The immigration bill. Et tu, RINOs?

From a piece on TheoSpark (bolding added):

[T]hey passed the Bill with veto-proof majorities in House & Senate AND TRUP (sic) HAD TO SIGN IT like it or not. The RINO's of the 'surrender party' and Mitch McConnell as their 'leader' ALL deserve to be tossed-out of office at the least, but I'm leaning towards reviving the practice of tar & feathers before riding them out of town on a rail. Quite frankly I’d vote for Vir Kotto’s methodology:

[Babylon 5: Vir at his best Part 1 / 1:58]
The Uniparty is unmasking and baring their fangs because it gets worse; National emergency (bolding added): The legislative text sent to Pres. Trump and he agreed to sign did not have the language rewarding child trafficking, granting immunity to large % of illegal aliens, and increasing H-2Bs. That was added on later and then rammed through the Senate. Bait and Switch! Who added that language?Who helped push it through?Who coordinated a veto-proof majority that boxed Trump in?  (Tho…

RIP Opportunity

(HT here)   Please note: I am a happy man I love my life I have a beautiful family that I adore I am in good health I am not depressed or suicidal

Don't believe your lying eyes

There's no back-stage coordination or issuing of talking points in the MSM.  None.  Who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?

[In the Fall of the Mouthpiece / 2:26]

Tapping your creativity

Working on another bumper sticker idea... and perhaps cartoon for a T-shirt (if I can get it past the Zazzle censors - a few of my concepts have not).

Parasites infest... pustules ooze...
Democrats <what?>

Needs to be short and sweet.

G-d is pro-wall

From Psalm 51:18:

By Your favor do good to Zion; Build the walls of Jerusalem.
Isaiah 22:10
Then you counted the houses of Jerusalem And tore down houses to fortify the wall
And other verses as well celebrate walls.
If Hashem is in favor of walls to protect the people in His city, how can we be against walls to protect the people of our country?