Quick hits: April 25, 2019

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My Essays in One Place - Volume I
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Quote from the article about the image: This Climategate e-mail shows unequivocally that scientists from different groups colluded to get the same result, and that result involved cooling the past – without any justification. I am a STEM professional.If I did this this kind of data manipulation at any place I’ve worked, ever, and been found out I’d be out on my ass so fast I’d shed tachyons.Related:

More Spectacular BS From The Washington Post The cult of Greta Thunberg
The times I talk in person with Warmists – admitted not that frequent – their eyes do seem glassy when the subject comes up.A cult indeed.

[The Rice Video - Carbon Dioxide in perspective by The Galileo Movement / 3:44] (HT BastionofLiberty)
Related to pollution – actual pollution, not “carbon pollution”:
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Happy Groundh…

My Essays in One Place - Volume I