England needs to re-instate hangings. And in Europe in general. And in America.

This is difficult to listen to.  You need to.

[Tommy Robinson This guy should be knighted (Andrew Norfolk (Times) / 18:47]
This is, to anyone who loves Western Civilization, beyond words.  Islamic immigration into Europe needs to be stopped.  Then reversed.

By any means necessary.

The Islamic Invasion and the Spanish Solution

Understand what's going on.

Islamic Invasion: They're here to conquer, and they know it.

Copied from VLAD TEPES: Dear American People

Susanna is dead. J'accuse.

And I hope that in my words and posts and links to other resources, arguments can be found to convince others.  

Copied from VLAD TEPES: Dear American People

An Open Letter to My Fellow American Jews

Leftists: Civilizational Traitors

G-d Damn You Barbara Spectre

Videos and thoughts about Tommy Robinson's arrest

Because the Islamists have allies on the Left; and the Left has their own goals, which doesn't align with a free and prosperous society.

Socialism's Gateway Drug

I strongly recommend this…

Flag Day! (And Happy Birthday President Donald J. Trump)

The flag first.  It's more important than any man.

MAGA Mr. President... and Happy Birthday!  No, I will never get tired of winning!

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Sowell and Sayet and Vox Day, Oh My! (And Claire Wolfe & Star Trek.)

Dr. Thomas Sowell is someone whose work I’ve admired for years.I own a number of his books and next up on my reading is to re-read his seminal book A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles.In parallel I also plan to re-read his book The Quest for Cosmic Justice.(I’m still trying to get his autograph but no luck so far.)

He has a quotation whose exact wording I can’t find, but I cited it in Teflon Intellects (apologies for the paraphrasing, Dr. Sowell; hopefully someday I find the exact wordage):
A person who has tied their sense of moral superiority to specific beliefs cannot be debated.

"It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance."
(From here)

And unable to debate with them is, to quote my late mother, “exactly right”.Just to give a recent example: I countered several someones in a social media venue; I presented multiple youtube videos, not to mention links to …

Susanna is dead. J'accuse.

Watch this short video.  See the frustration at the elected leaders and the just-beneath-the-surface rage of this woman.  Multiply that across Germany... across Western Europe.

The flow of Islamic immigrants must be stopped.  Then, it must be reversed.  Or Europe will dissolve into blood-soaked chaos.  The lives that will be taken will pale in comparison to those being lost currently.  As Bayou Renaissance Man has repeatedly observed, nobody goes from zero to jackboot as fast and enthusiastically as the Europeans.  It's about to happen again, and the very thing the Elites feared - the return of genocide and war - will come about because of their own actions.

[Susanna is dead ...J'accuse ! / 3:43] Source: Vlad Tepes

D-Day: An Annual THANK YOU, an eternal reminder of the price of liberty


Gun Control as Psycho-Pathology

As I mentioned in my essay The Leftist Sense of Self, I have some interest in Psychology – having taken a class in college, which piqued my interest in the topic.I was, however, turned off by the department’s leanings towards Skinner and the Operant Conditioning school of thought (while I concede that school-of-thought plays a factor in the mind, I’m more of a Freudian, seeing the human psyche as the constant warring battle between the ID (the earthly animal side) and the SUPEREGO (the divine soul) in the terrain of the EGO (the day-to-day human experience).I.e., that we are merely the sum total of the various conditioning “treatments” we experience throughout life doesn’t sit well with me.)

That dormant interest reawakened when I discovered Dr. Sanity, whose blog went dark in 2012, alas.Still, she’s got some great essays to which I refer quite often, and it’s definitely a browse-worthy place even for being dark.Two of those essays that I’ve read and re-read often are: SHAME, THE ARAB P…

G-d Damn You Barbara Spectre!

Unless you’re pretty deep in the so-called “Alt-Right” movement, or at least actively monitoring it, you’re probably scratching your head and saying “WHO?”Let me introduce you to someone who, IMHO, rises to the level of Benedict Arnold.On two fronts.

Barbara Spectre is a Jewish woman living in Europe, who – based on the evidence I’ve been able to gather – is on the Left-side of the political spectrum.Given that the spectrum in Europe is shifted significantly leftward from that in the US, that’s certainly putting her on the far-Left in terms of the US scale.Now let me be clear: she is entitled to believe this, even if I would vehemently disagree with her Leftism as contrary to the Judaism I learned.Quoting a great essay, Why Jews Support the Democratic Party, by Evan Sayet (bolding added): Put simply, the more Jewish is the person, the more they reject the policies of the Democrat Party.This should not be the least bit surprising as Modern Liberalism – the dominant ideology of to…