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Happy Passover

To my fellow members of The Tribe, wishing you and yours a wonderful Seder.

We were slaves.  Now we are free.  And Shabbat Shalom too:

Gun grabbers, in their own words

Understand, this is only one of myriad examples.  They hate us.  They really hate us.  And they truly would not mind seeing us dead.

Notice one thing about what he said.  That gun owners are "pure evil".  That is classic Alinsky; that is classic "othering" of the opponent.  Because if we - gun owners - are "pure evil" then killing us becomes a moral good and a national necessity.

The marchers, including Minister Hogg...

I read praise of these <sarcasm> idealistic young marchers </sarcasm> and their <sarcasm> great youthful enthusiasm </sarcasm> to change this "stodgy society" and transform it...

I wonder when they'll come out with uniforms and/or scarves.  Minister Hogg already tried the armbands...  and you have to know, since they hate tradition and our culture so much, it'll be time for major changes.  Perhaps they might even be honest enough to call it a Cultural Revolution where they attack the Four Olds:

(Image link

One can only guess when they'll call for the Great Leap Forward and implement a Five Year Plan.

To my Christian readers

I am preparing for Passover.  I find it more than ironic that even as my family and I will be celebrating our liberation from Egypt, forces are moving in this greatest, most exceptional nation to disarm us - so as to re-enslave not just Jews... not just Christians... but everyone who does not worship The State.  For worship of The State is their new faith.

For this Easter weekend I wish you the best.  As I understand Easter, Jesus' sacrifice bought the gift of freedom from earthly sin for those who believe.  So as you celebrate that freedom, and I celebrate the gift of freedom too, I pray that we can work together to preserve Freedom here on Earth in America, and if it comes to it, we can fight together to restore it.

G-d bless you.

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One Jew’s Red Pill Journey – Part 5 of ?

Part I

Part II
Part III
Part IV
I do hope you’re finding these retrospectives worth reading.At the risk of sounding egotistical I’m hoping that by publicly airing my own political (and personal) evolution, if nothing else, I’m showing others making similar journeys that they’re not alone.

Two classical Left/Right topics on which I’ve made a true 180 flip, which I haven’t really touched on in depth, are pro-choice ---> pro-life, and for gay marriage ---> anti-gay marriage.Let me discuss each in turn.
A side note: I get very wary when someone is referred to as a “flip-flopper”.To me, a person who changes their mind and can point to the events, facts, etc., that caused them to do so is most-assuredly not flip-flopping; they had an opinion, learned something new, and changed.Holding your finger in the air to gauge the wind’s direction, and saying you align with it – as most politicians are wont to do – is flip-flopping.

It’s rare that a mere bumper sticker truly chang…

It's NOT a budget... fascinating if true.

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Linkfest: General - March 24, 2018


·Pictures without hat tips are ones I’ve saved previously; my apologies for not giving credit on those.
·These linkfests grow over a few days; some might not be “cutting edge” news by the time I get to posting.Hey, I have a life too, y’know…


Whenever there is a natural disaster my initial inclination is to give to The Salvation Army.They’re fast, they have low overhead, and they get it done.So to help them build up a war chest for the next – inevitable – natural disaster, I encourage you do to so as well.
I am also fond of the Shriner’s Hospitals;, they do such great work and often completely gratis to the patients.
MediumThe Tech Industry’s War on Kids ** I’ve seen this myself; my younger kid will literally be soaked into the gamepad and forget to eat or drink.I understand that a little game time can be fun, but it’s literally an addiction.I rail about this to my wife, who agrees in principle… but it’s certainly a convenient “get them …