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Linkfest: Quick hits July 31, 2018

Pakistan: Muslim raped this Christian baby girl after her father refused to convert to Islam
** Muslim raped a TWO YEAR OLD GIRL because her father wouldn't convert to Islam. This is a sick, sick, sick culture.

Gazans Who Support the Occupiers
** It's a religious war.  Land is only the excuse, and it dates back to when that pedophile psychopath said "Hey Jews, I'm the next prophet!" and the Jews said "Nuh-huh.  600 years ago some guy named Jesus said that too.  We didn't buy it then, we don't believe you now".  And Mohammed lost his egomaniacal mind.

Meanwhile, the Chinese think Trump is a genius
** When your enemy respects you...

The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades…

My first 10,000-hit essay!

My essay A Very Personal Opposition to Gun Controlhas just hit 10,000 views!!!Wahoo!!!!On to 20,000 which, I suspect, will be much harder – need to get this to go viral.Any suggestions?Please repost / tweet / gab / reblog / etc.And please do check out my second gun control piece: Gun Control as Psycho-Pathology.

Not far behind it is An Open Letter to My Fellow American Jews at 9500-plus - can we get some traffic love on this one to push it over too?(And its follow-on piece, Redux: American Jews - how can you justify more Islamic refugees?)

Three others – gold, silver, bronze if you will; not necessarily by hit ranking but hoping for some more traffic on what I think are also critical essays: England needs to re-instate hangings. And in Europe in general. And in America.

Socialism's Gateway Drug
American Jews and Democrats: Part Iand American Jews and Democrats - Part II
Also please ponder my “Red Pill Journey” essays, which I wrote to not only document my own evolution, but show people …

Linkfest: Quick hits July 29, 2018

Muslim Father Doused Three-Year-Old Son with ACID in ‘Deliberate Attack’ to Punish Wife Who Left Violent Marriage
** Castrate the bastard; no, wait... feed through an industrial shredder feet-first.  What kind of sick, twisted culture could justify this?

Trey Gowdy And Tucker Carlson Are Too Nice To Adam Schiff
** Quote:
Gowdy led by pointing out the obvious – Democrats are trying to squeeze every last drop out of this ridiculous witch hunt in an attempt to sway the midterm elections.>> This is a Cold Civil War.  And the GOP better start understanding that the Democrats are not the "loyal opposition".  TREASON: IT'S WHAT DEMOCRATS DO.

Obama's cybersecurity coordinator confirms Susan Rice ordered him to 'stand down' on Russian meddling…

Spicy with more than just heat

Sun Lion Red Zhug
Just made some chicken with this - good stuff.  Spicy enough to get your attention but not so hot as to strip the enamel from your teeth.  And I like that it's got a flavor dimension to it too; there's a richness beyond heat.

Linkfest: Quick hits July 26, 2018

Exclusive: Obama Administration Knowingly Funded a Designated al-Qaeda Affiliate
** @(#*$(@)$@#@@(#*&$*!@&(*!(*@#()%_(*$#

The FBI DELIBERATELY IGNORED ‘Golden Emails,’ Crucial Abedin Messages And More
** We need a f*ckton more rope.  Related:Did Obama, Brennan And Clinton Illegally Collude To Take Trump Down?
** Quote:
Such collusion, if only in the political sphere, wouldn't be a crime. However, using federal assets and personnel and misrepresenting what you're doing to a FISA court to influence an election are crimes. Felonies, in fact.
>> Did they?  Yes.

#SHUTITDOWN: Proven Lies to the ?FISA Court Should Immediately End Mueller's Investigation…

Not a migrant "crisis" - but a pre-planned replacement

Thoughts about this when I have time and can get past thinking "Slow impalement is too good a death for these civilizational traitors".

(One aside: if memory serves, there were hordes wanting to come and the European countries were reluctant.  All of a sudden, that little boy drowned and was on the beach... and the floodgates opened.  Set-up?  Commenters - please help me fill in that blank!)
UN already had plans to replace Europeans with 159 million migrants 18 years ago  (HT BlazingCatFur)

G-d Damn You Barbara Specter!
An Open Letter to my Fellow American Jews

Redux: American Jews - how can you justify more Islamic refugees?
"I do not coexist with cancer; I do not find common ground with gangrene.The Left must be fought and destroyed, or America dies."

Teflon Intellects in the wild

Raw Leftist arrogance.

That’s what came to mind the other day when I was watching my kids in one of their sports activities.I engaged a married couple in friendly parental chit-chat.Somehow my blog came up; generically as I didn’t identify the slant of my politics or the website’s name, just the fact of it.In response to a question about the orientation of my blog, I did state that I was “hard core Conservative”.Both then identified themselves as being on the other end of the spectrum.Fair enough.  Unlike the Borgleft* I don't demand that people agree with everything I say or believe. They did press somewhat, and for the most part it was a civil, if not necessarily friendly, conversation… but then, in the course of the discussion, I mentioned Hillary’s 30,000 emails that had apparently been forwarded to a foreign email address (with some supposition it was Chinese).

Without missing a beat the husband said “That’s not true", and added "It can’t be true because I haven’t hear…

Linkfest: Quick hits July 23, 2018

[The Problem With Hormonal Birth Control / 13:24] ** And three links discussing sex and the pill:
How to Rebuild a Dating Culture
The Pill Makes Women Pick Bad Mates
Birth Control and Homosexuality: Unintended Consequences
>> Side note: My wife, as I often joke, has a nose like a bloodhound.  Seriously; incredibly sensitive and discerning (e.g.,she can tell the difference between water straight from the tap and water that's been standing a while!).  She told me she knew I was THE ONE based on my smell, and strongly implied that that was the deciding factor.

Breaking: DOJ Releases Carter Page FISA Applications, Shows FBI DID Rely On Fake Dossier…