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Understanding Pittsburgh through a Dopamine-Addict Lens

In the wake of the horrific murders in Pittsburgh, let me state – without any reservation whatsoever and as clearly as possible – that the shooter (unnamed so that his name may be forgotten) deserves the death penalty.And even more justly, the fate that awaits him afterward.To those that were killed, may you rest in peace, and to their families… I have no words that could rise to the occasion save to say the Mourner’s Kaddish.

THE ART OF WAR If we are to fight anti-Semitism, we need to understand it.Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military strategist – whose masterwork The Art of War is still a must-read by militaries all over the world, said something critical that applies:

Only when we know what motivates the Jew-haters can we hope to defeat them.We also need to know our own strengths and weaknesses, but that’s a whole different topic.

I’ve seen multiple breakdowns of anti-Semites; I see four.Let me breeze through three to the fourth, relevant one for Pittsburgh; note that each has its own…

Pittsburgh, the Caravan, predictions, and foil hats

@Odysseusand others; for some reason I’m unable to comment on my own blog!So please take this as my reply to your comment on yesterday’s post.

While most American Jews have traditionally leaned Left (sometimes, IMHO, to the point of tipping over) there has been, even at my Left-leaning Synagogue, an increasing discomfort with the Left’s open embracing of anti-Israel and even openly anti-Semitic persons and candidates.Nothing truly discussed, but I’ll opine that I can tell there’s something “in the air”.That discomfort is also present in the various Jewish-related news sources I read.
So how conveeeeenient that a white man railing against Jews goes on a mass murder spree just days before the election.  The message is clear: Ignore the anti-Semitism behind our curtain because look, a loony-tune hates you because Trump told him to.

MY FOIL HAT As I said in my just-prior post, my Marine friend predicted something like this.As have several other of my friends.And consider:

The Invader Caravan: …

My Jarhead friend, the prophet

Several weeks ago my friend, a Marine, predicted that we'd see a mass shooting just before the election.

And here we are.  And not just any place, but a Synagogue - just the thing to drive Jews to the Democrats (given the inevitable onslaught of Trump = Hitler that's going to come out)… even as Democrats move to embrace anti-Semites.

American Jews and Democrats: Part I
American Jews and Democrats - Part II
American Jews and Democrats Part IIIA
American Jews and Democrats Part IIIB Convenient, eh?  Just the sort of thing to pull Jews who might be nervous about the Left's embrace of Jew haters back onto the plantation.

I do not coexist with cancer; I do not find common ground with gangrene.The Left must be fought and destroyed, or America dies. © 2018, NITZAKHON

An open reply to digitaloc - hope you see it!

digitaloc made a comment on one of my essays, and shame on me for not checking earlier.  If anyone knows who this is, please let them know as, for some reason, I'm not able to reply (on my own blog, dammit!) so here's my reply to him as a post:

Shame on me for not looking at my comments earlier!  My life's gotten suddenly very complicated.

I didn't take it as a total attack on Jews, but yes, I'm sensitive to that.  I've met - internet-wise - people who acknowledge every single point I make about politically-conservative Jews siding with the West, with America, opposing jihad and the Left (e.g., this column, and prior ones) but then still say I'm an alien in America and should get out or convert to Christianity.

I agree that there are bad people everywhere, on all sides.  What I see as a critical difference between Left and Right is that on the Right, we doubt.  If you're like me you're constantly examining yourself: do I live up to my ideals?  Have I f…

Vote RED like your freedom, and America, depend on it... because they do

"Kavanaugh’s case is about more than the malicious exploitation of the #MeToo movement to destroy a political opponent. It’s the latest assault on the social presumption of innocence by shadowy forces whose ‘scoops’ dominate the media through cut-outs while their sources remain silently invisible."

My comment: And thus Stalinesque trials approach should the Left ever regain power: Are you now, or have you ever been, a Conservative?  Off to re-education.  And thus the Bill of Rights dies:

Just a quick observation on the Left and gays…

I’m swamped and focusing on critical things in my life, but this just frosted me and I had to write about it.
Up front, let me be clear: I do not approve of homosexuality.Having said that, what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is absolutely none of my business (just like what happens in my own bedroom with my wife is none of anyone’s business); ultimately, your choice will be judged when you go to the World-to-Come.And IMHO if you define your life by the shape of your genitalia, the genitalia you prefer to engage in, or other superficial characteristics like the color of your skin, then I pity the shallow creature you clearly are.
Having said this, I read this with horror:
Twitter locks LifeSite out of account for fact-based post on rise in gay STDs
People are going to die, people are dying, because there isn’t accurate information out there about STD infection rates.And rather than talking about it, and discussing / using the most accurate information around, the…