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Quick hits April 28, 2019

NOTE: For a collection of all my essays / posts where I opine about something, please see here: My Essays in One Place - Volume I >>>>>=====<<<<< TOP OF THE FOLD EXCLUSIVE: St. Patrick’s Cathedral “Arson” Suspect Has Same Address As NYC Mosque, NYPD Silent Not 100% proof the guy’s a Muslim convert, but… strong evidence.   As’s Robert Spencer is fond of saying – paraphrased from memory – “Funny how all these new converts to the ‘Religion of Peace’ keep thinking it means they need to go out and be violent”. >>>>>=====<<<<< A Simple Plan To Address The 'Student Loan Crisis' Quote (bolding added): It’s the greatest crisis facing the country today and threatens not only the present, but the future as well. It’s not the national debt, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, climate change, health care, or any of the other issues Democratic candidates for president routinely ramble about, no.

I Feel Like Sarah Connor: The Coming Financial Collapse

In the movie Terminator 2 , the character Sarah Connor is in a mental institution warning about Judgment Day – the day when Skynet wakes up and triggers a nuclear holocaust.   She knows what’s coming and freaks out as she desperately tries to warn the therapist and other listeners of the approaching Armageddon. [Terminator 2 Sarah Connor freak out / 1:40] Again, she does this because she knows – KNOWS – what will happen. Similarly I, too, can see an ending approaching: a financial cliff stemming from the world’s debt.   In a very early essay, RUNNING OUT OF FINANCIAL ROAD , I outlined the financial situation of the world.   Not just the US, but the world ([] comment added for clarification of the quote, link in original): I speculate that even if we strip-mined the planet down to the Moho [to pay off the world’s indebtedness], this could not be repaid. My opinion has not changed; indeed, it is reinforced at least weekly in my readings: there will be some kind of financi