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Wednesday Whittle


I had been hoping that the financial calamity would, mostly, pass by us.  Not so.  Am now in discussions with my customers to cut hours / rate at their request (my primary customer has discussed "making it up at the back end" when they resume full production but that doesn't help me now).  My wife is out of work.  I'm not going to beg for tips or checks or anything, but will appeal for you to use my yellow links.  Buy a shirt, a mug, a bumper sticker.  Please use my Amazon and other links.  And, of course, please share this and my other posts on your blog or through email - traffic helps.  Thank you.
(I'm still clinging to the idea that I'm anonymous here, so I won't post my company's website to get new customers... but if you know someone on the Right who might need an engineering consultant, have them contact me through the comments.)
Please note: Any link in yellow is a commercial link that, if you buy, supports me (…

The Power of Political Myth - Part 2 (of 3)

Note: I was going to make this a two-parter, but the second half seemed "just a tad" too long, so... part 3 coming, Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.

Continued from PART 1

Trump is a Russian Agent
Of course he is </sarc>.That’s why he sent Ukraine, who is fighting Russian incursion, actual weapons rather than blankets & pillows like Barackus did.That’s why the Mueller Report said that they couldn’t find evidence of collusion, certainly not enough to even attempt an indictment on “obstruction of justice” – and given that we (theoretically) live under innocent until proven guilty that should be it.We’re now learning all sorts of things about Russian efforts in the start of the investigation to remove Trump.If you read the sites on my sidebar, for example, you understand the depths of the swamp and its fetid corruption – and are far better and more broadly informed than if you get your information solely fro…