Quick hits March 18, 2019

Note:  I realized I had some things left over that I didn't include in yesterday's post.  Also, I added some new ones.  Enjoy.

PREVIOUSLY DEPORTED CHILD RAPIST RE-ARRESTED IN TEXAS ** Deport.From a helicopter, ‘Nam style.Over the Gulf.Sharks have to eat too.More:
CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Illegals STORM ACROSS US BORDER — RUN Right Past Border Patrol — 12 GOP Senators Voted Today to Support Open Borders
** More:
** Yes, it’s a bar brawl.But the squishes would rather go down nobly, seeing the country wrecked, so that they can say they fought with honor and principle.

(HT Xenophilic) ** I see this, and think of my fellow American Jews and their insane - JEWICIDAL - support of Islamic immigration.  See An Open Letter to My Fellow American Jews

The Beto Lie ** Now isn’t THIS interesting.Reminds me of how the Muslims have peace-love-togetherness in English press releases, and kill-all-the-infidels in Arabic.

Get Your Mind Right ** If the sheeple will go to the mat for a f*cking T…

Quick Hits March 17, 2019 (with a fair amount about NZ, and the Left's hypocrisy about it)

Watch: Muslim Terrorists open fire against residents protesting the life under Hamas terrorist regime in Gaza
** And from the SJWs and enemedia… crickets.More violence and deaths that don’t matter to them:
Breaking: Muslim terrorist opens fire at Jews in Israel – Media is silent to avoid damaging Islam’s image
Suspected jihadists kill 13 in northern Mozambique
Media Gorges Itself on Hatred While Ignoring Atrocities
** Quote (links in original):

A search for “Nigeria” in the Times’ archives shows that no ink has been spilled in the columns of this, America’s “newspaper of record,” for the Christians facing extermination at the hands of Muslims in that country. This is odd, isn’t it? Local reports from Nigeria state that 35 people were killed on March 10 during an attack on Anguwan Barde. The next day, authorities estimate that 46 people were murdered in the village of Anguwan Gamu. Around 100 homes were razed. The bodies of a minister and his wife were found mutilated, floating in a river. Al…