Taking a mental health break

Not that I won't be paying attention, but... between work (one customer's project heating up - getting production tooling quotes, etc.) and just needing to not be stressed to the gills about everything, see you in a couple of weeks.


One thought.  I read Aesop's piece yesterday.  Woke up this morning and my first thought was "Spicy time is coming".

Not a happy thought.  Real, yes.  But not happy.

Hasta la visa, baby.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks parts will be designed, tools ordered, and then I can relax for a day or so.

Shattered Barriers – a quick-ish post

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--- Like virtually everyone, I was beyond appalled at the recent spate of mass shootings.But I see in the reaction from the enemedia & Left as something worse.
We all know about the shadow banning of anyone to the Right of Stalin on social media.Conservatives are hunted down, figuratively… and, in the case of the Bernie-bro going after Republican Congressmen, literally.Factor in people wearing MAGA hats being attacked… the property damage to anything bearing a pro-Trump sign.Even the social media wilding that goes on to anyone perceived as being to the Right of Stalin.People get ostracized.People get fired.  Leftists openly call for violence, and when it happens such actions get praised.  They’ve actually made a f*cking movie about hunting Conservatives – Universal Studio Pulls Ads For Upcoming Violent Fantasy of Liberal Elites Stalking Deplora…


Tommy Robinson is in grave danger and we need the UK government to know we’re watching.

Write to him by snail mail or email ( quoting his prison number and name below) A2084CG – Stephen Yaxley Lennon HMP Belmarsh Western Way Thamesmead London SE28 0EB My suggestion: do both.

If the UK government sees an avalanche of support for him, hopefully they’ll make sure he stays alive.Because we all know they really want him gone.

The El Paso shooter… a thought experiment

I am ignoring the garlic festival shooter and the Ohio shooter.Maybe an error, but… just consider a few things, OK?I haven’t found a motive for the CA shooter, and it’s way too early for the OH one.At least, I haven’t heard.But the TX one has a f*cking manifesto which reads like a chimera of Left, Right, and flat-out insane... but is already being spun to smear Trump by association.

Assumption 1: Imagine you are an ANTIFA person absolutely committed to creating a Great Socialist Utopia – out of Marxianic Zeal (bolding added, italics in the original): Imagine you are convinced, truly convinced, that with enough governmental power you can create paradise on earth through Socialism.  No more hunger, no more poverty, no more hatred, or wars, or crime, or violence… and you absolutely, positively, believe this is possible.  Would you not view those who opposed you as evil too? To create that utopia over the objections of the slopedforeheadknuckledraggers, you need to disarm them.A massacre wou…

Second mass shooting in 24 hours... Ohio

9 killed in Ohio in second US mass shooting within 24 hours

Read the fine print.  1 AM.  What "normals" are out at 1 AM?

I was talking with a good friend of mine just a few days ago over lunch.  They said "It was time for another mass shooting"; they pointed to one that had just happened at the garlic festival (massively-gun free zone I might add).  And now Walmart (also a gun free zone, apparently).  And this... no details yet, but I'll bet either it's a "guess the race" scenario or a gun free zone.  Edited: From what I understand it was actually considered a relatively safe area, and no racial angle that I've heard.

1. The Left needs gun control to keep Americans from resisting.  The Left needs distractions from their failures.

2. Mass shooting happens to do just that.

3. Lather, rinse, repeat.

If Once is incidence, twice is coincidence, and three times is an enemy action... just how many times has the above cycle repeated?

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