GOPe's playing the old game

The problem with the GOP Establishment in one sentence, from this American Thinker piece:

“We can’t afford to jeopardize the grudging status we’ve earned in the Liberal community.”

Sorry, you're playing by the old rules that assume an honorable foe.  The Left has no honor.  The Left has no decency, no ethics, no pole star save that of unlimited power to dictate and control our lives as they torment us with the approval of their consciences.  For THEY are the Elites, the Noble Ones, the Ones They Have Been Waiting For.

THEY will decide what you eat and drink, and the kind of place you live.

THEY will decide the make-up of your community and nation.

THEY will decide what your children learn (and in parallel, what they don't learn)... and believe.

THEY will decide how much of their money they let you keep.

And so on.  And if you speak up, even in the slightest, THEY will ruin you.  They will attack your job.  They will smear you with your friends and family.  They will be relentless, ru…

What RICO said...

From this TheoSpark post:
Democrats (C) today should be as ILLEGAL and UNWELCOME as Red Communists were in the 1950's-60's. - They are not to be trusted in responsible positions...for good reason. They are treasonous, treacherous, traitorous assholes dedicated to Communism.
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Men's shirts - Women's shirts

Austria gets redpilled. and a modest idea on admitting Islamic migrants

Two links to two videos at Vlad Tepes re Austria.
Recognizing the Islamic invasion is the first step.  Stopping the invasion is the second, and driving them out - along with, IMHO, those who think it's a good thing - is the third.
Austrian official, Gerald Grosz, on loss of rights due to political correctness
Stunning clip by Austrian Secretary of State on migrants murdering local girls
And just a thought for consideration: The price of letting a male Muslim into Europe is, before they are released from processing... they must have a vasectomy.  No matter what age.

Wouldn't it be great if Democrats...

showed one percent of the compassion they show to people looking to break our laws to invade America to the victims of those invaders and the drugs they bring in?

If "America first" offends them, just what countries are they putting first?

"I do not coexist with cancer; I do not find common ground with gangrene.The Left must be fought and destroyed, or America dies."


The Atrophy of Fear: Living Proof

In Civilizational Collapse and the Brain I hypothesized that our modern life, which is for the most part devoid of actual, life-threatening dangers, has led to a literal inability to recognize - let alone take action against - genuine perils.

So watch this Paul Joseph Watson video showing case after case after case of "enlightened world-citizen leftists" getting assaulted, raped, and murdered... and despite all these cases, their fellows continue down the same path.  (He relates, and I almost gagged, how the mother of one of the beheaded girls was sending emoji love messages aimed at Morocco AFTER her daughter had been murdered... someone does that to my child, my first instinct is simple: Kill every last one of them.)

[The Tragedy of Cultural Relativism / 6:56]
Stupid has consequences.  For the sake of the gene pool, and to reduce their ability to further weaken Western Civilization, can we start arranging tour groups for these people?  Let them experience the "glories&qu…

A flash of... paranoia? Or insight?

I was just thinking - always dangerous - about the anti-Russia narrative spewed endlessly by the Left.  What if... what if... what if this is intended to make sure Trump and Putin, both of whom recognize the threat of the Islamists, can never truly have a meeting of the minds on how to drive Islam back lest Putin be seen as cozying up to Trump and vice versa?  What if this Russia-Russia-Russia-is-the-enemy narrative was created to not just provide a convenient foil to attack (unseat!) Trump, but to deliberately undermine a potential US-Russia military alliance against Islam, which the Left has embraced enthusiastically?

I can't say this is true, of course, but... paranoia, or insight?  Because it does fit a lot of the available data - at least on a surface examination.

Now, I'm not saying that Russia is immediately buddy-buddy.  But we do have a mutual enemy... how... "convenient" that the Left's actions are undermining that common interest.

If I had a dollar for…

Putting the screws to Nancy and Chuck

A couple of ideas.

1. Drop every single illegal caught into their districts.  Every. Single. One.  Ideally, right on their front doorstep.  Pull up to the gate, kick them out of the van.

2. Every day tweet out ten names of victims of illegal aliens, and how many times the POS illegal was caught before.  E.g., "Steinle, Kate, murdered, illegal alien deported five times prior to killing her".