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Away for a week-plus... in the meantime, read this about Islam and black slavery

10 Facts About The Arab Enslavement Of Black People

Spread this far and wide, especially to "intersectionality" black people who ally with Islam.  Islam is not their friend.  And never has been.  (I remember one article I read a while ago... black women enslaved by Arabs routinely had the infants they birthed killed - to avoid "contaminating" the Arab purity.)

RIP Alfie Evans

Only G-d knows what could have happened had he been in Italy and treatment tried.

What we do know is this: For its own convenience, and for the sake of Pride, the State murdered him for being "life unworthy of life".

Civilizations have clashed, cultures have been destroyed, to fight the evil of child sacrifice... and now children, whether here in abortion, are sacrificed to the deities of "cost" and "convenience".  We've come full circle.

Linkfest: General - April 25, 2018

NITZAKHON notes: Pictures without hat tips are ones I’ve saved previously; my apologies for not giving credit on those.These linkfests grow over a few days; some might not be “cutting edge” news by the time I get to posting.Hey, I have a life…

Whenever there is a natural disaster my initial inclination is to give to The Salvation Army.They’re fast, they have low overhead, and they get it done.So to help them build up a war chest for the next – inevitable – natural disaster, I encourage you do to so as well.

I am also fond of the Shriner’s Hospitals;, they do such great work and often completely gratis to the patients.
And as we approach Memorial Day, please consider Wreaths Across America to remember those who gave all for this exceptional nation.

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The Last TraditionInFo Wars- Congress Rounds Up Obama's Criminal Syndicate- Andy McCabe "If I go down, I'm taking everyone else with me!" ** PREDICTION: Before he sings, McCabe will have…