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Impeachment – the only path they have, and two resulting fears

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This is not intended to be a terribly long post, so hopefully I’ll stick to that.(Part of this is going to not link / support the heck out of it like I normally do – I’m typing off the cuff here.)

Anyone on “our side” understands that the Deep State is scared.Scared big time.There are credible hints that Barackus Rex was the moving force behind this attack on Trump.There are other credible reports that he had weaponized the intelligence agencies far earlier than first surmised, and used those to effect in 2012 against Romney. As many have noted, this makes Watergate look like a case of misdemeanor shoplifting.Assuming the bread crumb trails have not been broomed but can be recreated and followed, heads will roll.Heads must roll.Or we will have to ask ourselves this:

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And I’m already reading about how we “can’t pursue this too hard or it will undermine faith in The System”. *sputter*

If heads don’t roll – and in the case of a few of them I’d like tha…

Hardwired for Faith

Over the past several years, as I progressed from being an atheist since my late teens to regaining my early faith in my mid 40's – regaining and then some, and to nobody’s greater surprise than my own – I came to realize what I believe is a Truth: people are hardwired to believe in something larger than themselves.It seems I’m not alone – and in what I consider yet another example of something “in the air” I am seeing this same concept in multiple places.For example; The Legacy of the West (bolding added):

Humans are wired to desire a higher purpose and meaning to their lives. Maybe it’s just instinct, just genetics making us seek out something that doesn’t exist because, somehow, this is advantageous from an evolutionary perspective. Maybe God-seekers are more likely to, in the grand scheme of things, survive and pass on their genes. From the amount of fucking the golden calf worshipers do, though, I doubt this. At best, you are looking at an r/K selection bias. Or maybe this is a…

Quick Hits: May 26, 2019 - Memorial Day


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===== MEMORIAL DAY =====
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THANK YOU.If I said these words continuously for the rest of my life, it would not rise to the level of gratitude I feel.

===== TOP OF THE FOLD ===== Ireland: African man jailed for sexual abuse of intellectually disabled girl – victim’s mother, who was in relationship with the accused, asked that he not be jailed
What? WHAT? WHAAAAAT???Some POS sexually ab…